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How To Keep Fingerprints Off Glass Table – Our Guide

There is nothing worse than going to sit down with your morning cuppa, only to see the morning light showing up all the dirty fingerprints on your glass tabletop. 

Keeping a glass tabletop clean is not an easy job, especially when it is in use all the time, but you can keep it clean by shining it daily and following some daily cleaning tips to prevent dust build-up.

We have put together a short guide below which will cover the best way to clean fingerprints off your glass table below, as well as how to prevent dust from building up there, to begin with.

How To Clean Fingerprints Off a Glass Table 

There are many different ways to clean fingerprints off a glass table, but not all leave your table streak and fingerprint-free, some simply smear dirt instead leading to a cleaning nightmare.

We have listed our best step guide for cleaning your glass table below to get rid of any annoying marks. 


  • Glass cleaner in a spray bottle. 
  • White vinegar. 
  • Two microfibre cloth types. 
  • Distilled water. 
  • Newspaper & kitchen towel.

Step By Step

  • Step one – First of all take everything off the top of your glass table and lightly wipe the table down with a soft cloth to remove any lingering dust and debris before we start the real cleaning. 
  • Step two – Identify the parts of your glass table which have the worst fingerprints or stains and directly spray them with your white vinegar or glass cleaner and leave the solution on the glass surface for around 30 seconds, then wipe the glass surface with a kitchen towel. 
  • Step three – Repeat this on the other side of the table to get rid of marks on the entire surface, the underneath of your table can often hold dust marks that seem like they are on top of your table instead.
  • Step four – After treating the main stains on the glass surface you can now spray your whole cleaning solution or hot water on the glass then wipe the whole surface with a smooth cloth, take the damp cloth and repeat on the underside. Never use soapy water solution to clean your table as it will leave residue marks.
  • Step five – Take a dry cloth now and buff the glass until it becomes dry, use the corner of the cloth to buff out any lingering marks then take your newspaper and wipe it over the table to finish or a piece of paper towel. 

The Best Ways To Prevent Fingerprints On a Glass Table

It is impossible to keep your glass table print free, but there are some preventive measures you can take to make sure fingerprints don’t build up and stains don’t sit on your glass dining table for a long time. 

We’ve listed our top tips for preventing fingerprint build up below.

  • Deal with spills straight away – As soon as something gets spilt on your entire glass table, make sure to clean it as soon as you can, this stops alcohol residue stains and fingerprints from making more serious marks on your glass-topped tables.
  • Move your table away from dust – Windows and curtains are big culprits for holding dust which can land directly on your glossy furniture, showing fingerprints in the dust particles. 
  • Try a runner – Runners are an excellent way to cover some of your surface of glass wear and prevent some fingerprints from showing.
  • Wipe with a fabric softener often – Fabric softener sheets are a dry cloth that helps catch the dust easily on surfaces, this lint-free cloth will make sure your table stays clear in between cleans.
  • Use coasters – Always place a coaster under cold drinks and hot drinks to stop rings from drinks staining your glass surface.
  • Clean with the right water solution – If you are planning to make your cleaning solution then use the proper cleaning products, some natural ones to name are lemon juice, isopropyl alcohol, vinegar spray and distilled warm water.

Final Words

Overall, from annoying fingerprints to glass rings, the downside to glass furniture is that it will show stains and marks easily, but you can prevent build up by implementing a basic cleaning routine daily with a glass table cleaner. 

To stay on top of dust and fingerprints you can also follow our tips above to keep your dining table clean, make sure you use a lint-free microfiber cloth to clean with for the best results and use coasters and runners to keep your table in pristine condition.

Scott Buckley

Scott Buckley

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