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How To Use A Laminate Router Bit – 2021 Ultimate Guide!

Our Top Guide To Using a Laminate Router Bit

Laminate router bits are essential for trimming and can be used with a trim router to help you shape the edges of the laminate without cracking or lipping it. 

To use a laminate router bit you will need to attach it to a laminate router and trim your laminate in a counterclockwise way along the edges, make sure you tape masking tape on the laminate to avoid any scratches.

We’ve put together a small guide below which will discuss what a laminate router bit is used for, if they differ to flush router bits, how to use a laminate router bit as well as some tips for trimming laminate.

What Is a Laminate Router Bit Used For? 

A laminate router bit is used for trimming laminate in a more accurate way than using a file, you can make doors, kitchen counters and shelf edges with this trimming router bit. 

You will mostly find that laminate router bits come in a straight bit and curved bit depending on the type of surface that you want to trim.

Are Laminate Router Bits & Flush Router Bits Different? 

Flush router bits are a type of laminate router bit so are used interchangeably with the word ‘laminate router bit’s, the flush router bit is used on a correct cutter of a router to rout the edge flush of a surface in one single pass, saving you loads of time. 

These types of router bits can be used on handheld and table routes and can even be used for trimming any type of laminate flooring due to their bearings on either side which allow you to cut accurately.

Another type of laminate router bit you can find is called chamfer router bit for use with laminate trimmer cutters, these bits are bevelled and coned shaped.

How To Use a Laminate Router Bit 

If it’s your first time trimming laminate with a laminate router bit, you might be a little overwhelmed, so to help you out with the cutting process we have listed some simple to follow easy steps for using one below. 

  • Step one – To begin, clean your laminate surface from any dust and tape along the edges to stops your router from scratching the laminate when you move it along the material while trimming. 
  • Step two – Install your laminate router bit on the router then turn your router on, holding it level and steady against the cut or trim you want to make in the laminate. To make trims on the outside move the router counterclockwise, for cutting inside move it clockwise.
  • Step three – Take a file and pass it on the edges of the laminate with a few swipes to soften the newly sharp trimmed laminate.

Tips For Trimming Laminate With a Router 

Trimming laminate with your router and laminate router bit doesn’t have to be a hard task, we’ve listed a few of our essential tips below to follow for the first time trimming. 

  • Make sure your bit is installed properly – Always ensure that your laminate router bit is installed properly before you decide to use the machine, the bit could potentially fly off during use if not and affect the performance of the router.
  • Wear safety equipment – Trimming laminate can create a lot of dust and chemicals in the air, avoid inhaling debris and protect yourself with goggles as well as a mask.
  • Always file down after cutting – Trimmed laminate material edges can be very sharp after cutting, use some sandpaper or a file to smooth them down before polishing or waxing.
  • Try a laminate trimmer router – A laminate trimmer router is a specific kind of router made for trimming laminate, they are often very small and handheld, the design of these are excellent for use on laminate since it allows you to use your other free hand to hold the material down as you trim.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using a Laminate Router Bit

Should I use a laminate router bit or a laminate trimmer? 

This is down to personal preference, if you work with laminate or veneer often then purchasing a separate laminate trimmer might be a good idea, if you want more features, however, it’s best to stick with a normal router and laminate bit.

What should I use for cutting laminate? 

For cutting laminate we suggest using a circular saw or a jigsaw when making straight cuts.

Are there any benefits to using a laminate router trim bit? 

Laminate router bits or flush trim bits tend to be made from carbide which makes them highly durable, the shape of these bits make them very easy to cut with too.

Last Words 

Overall, using a laminate bit to cut laminate materials with and trim is easy once you get a hang of controlling the router along the edge of your work, we always suggest using masking tape as a guideline and to protect your laminate as a beginner. 

Laminate router bits are also known as flush router bits to avoid confusion when looking for a bit.

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