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How To Clean Windows: Best Washing Tips & Tricks.

How To Wash Windows?

Wash windows is a very important task for every house owner.

It can be done by yourself or with the help of professionals, but it should always be carried out in an appropriate manner to avoid any damage on your property and also save you from spending money unnecessarily.

If you are looking for some tips that will make washing window brands easier then here they are:

1) Use soap

The first thing which comes into our mind when we think about cleaning something is using warm water and soap.
Soap has been used since ancient times as a natural cleanser.

You may use soapy water or even bar soap depending upon how dirty window screen and pane is.

Make sure that you clean all parts of the glass including the frame. This way you will get rid of tough dirt and grime easily without wasting time.

2) Cleaning solution 

After applying soap onto the surface of the window panes, apply a small amount of window cleaning solution so that it gets absorbed well.

Do not overdo this step because excess usage of detergent could cause harm to your furniture and other things around.

Let the solution dry completely before rinsing off thoroughly.

3) Rinsing 

Once the cleaning process is completed rinse the entire surface area several times until there is no trace of soap left.

Remember to keep the window open while doing this otherwise dust particles might enter through the cracks.

4) Dry 

Now let’s move towards drying part of the job.

There are many ways to do this such as hanging wet clothes outside, placing them under direct sunlight etc.

But if you want to ensure complete drying then place the window inside a closed room where air circulation is good.

Also try to cover the window with plastic sheet to prevent moisture from entering back again.

5) Maintenance 

Finally after completing the whole procedure maintain the cleaned areas regularly.

Keep the window free from debris like leaves, twigs, grass etc.

These items tend to accumulate at the bottom of the window panes and eventually lead to deterioration of its appearance.

Best Cleaning Techniques and Tools

Cleaning tools play a vital role in making the work easy and effective.

There are different types of cleaners available in the market today.

You need to choose one according to your needs. Here are few best techniques and tools that you must consider:

• Window cleaner sprayers – These are specially designed products that contain chemicals that remove stains from the surfaces. They come handy especially during heavy rains.

• Windex –This product contains ammonia based compounds that dissolve grease and oil present on the surface.

It can be applied directly on the stained area.

• Glass polish-It helps in removing fingerprints and smudges from the glass surfaces. The polishing agent works effectively against scratches too.

• Scrubbing brushes-They have soft bristles that allow you to scrub the surface gently.

• Vacuum cleaners-Vacuums are very useful devices that suck up stubborn dirt and dust from the floor. Make sure that you vacuum every corner of the house.

 • Dust mops-Dust mopping is another technique for cleaning floors. It involves using a microfiber cloth soaked in hot water along with some kind of chemical compound.

The mixture should be spread evenly across the floor and allowed to soak into the fibers. Then the ordinary cloth should be wrung out and placed back on the floor.

• Wet wipes-Wet wipes are also known as baby wipes. They are made by mixing cotton balls with various kinds of liquids.

 You can use these wipes to windows cleaning windows or any other hard surface.

Types of Window Cleaning Solutions to Use

Window washing solution vary depending upon their purpose.

There are two main categories of solutions namely commercial and residential ones.

Commercial solutions include those used for industrial purposes whereas residential solutions are meant for home usage only.

You will find both liquid and powder form of each type. Let us discuss about them here:

1) Water Based Solution

Water based solutions are mostly preferred because they don’t leave behind harmful residues.

However, it takes longer time than others to dry completely.

This makes it difficult to apply multiple coats.

Also, there may be chances of getting streak-free windows if not properly dried.

2) Alcohol Based Solution

Alcohol based solution is fast acting but requires more effort to get rid of stubborn stains.

It dries quickly so you won’t face problems related to streak formation.

But it has certain drawbacks such as leaving sticky residue which attracts insects.

3) Foam Based Solution

Foam based window washes are highly recommended when dealing with larger windows and areas like walls and ceilings.

They provide better coverage compared to other solutions.

Moreover, foam window stick well to all sorts of surfaces including wood, tile, stone etc.

4) Powder Formed Solution

Powder formed solutions are generally safe to use around children and pets.

They do not require much maintenance unlike foams. They are usually sold in aerosol cans.

5) Spray Formed Solution

Spray forms are available in different sizes ranging from small bottles to huge tanks.

These types of solutions are easy to handle and offer good results.

6) Solvent Based Solution

Solvents are considered hazardous materials due to their flammability.

Therefore, care must be taken while handling them.

If you want to remove tough stains then solvent based solutions are best suited for your needs.

7) Vinegar Based Solution

These solutions work great for removing mildew and mold.

The white vinegar spray smell helps attract bugs away from the area being cleaned.

8) Soap Based Solution

Soaps are very effective at removing absorbent spread dirt and grime from glass and mirrors.

They have an alkaline pH level that works effectively against bacteria growth.

9) Bleach Based Solution

Bleach based solutions are widely used for disinfection purposes.

They help kill germs and prevent infections.

10) Acetic Acid Based Solution

Acetic acid based solutions are commonly found in household cleaners it has acidic composition.

They can also be used on plants and trees.

11) Baking Soda Based Solution

Baking soda based solutions are often used by people who wish to keep a homemade window cleaner.

They act as deodorizers and fresheners and all-natural window cleaning solution.

12) Salt Based Solution

 Salt based solutions are most suitable for normal windows made out of salt-glazed or painted glass.

14) Lime Based Solution

Limescale removal is one of the major benefits offered by lime based solutions. They are especially useful for washing bathroom fixtures.

15) Alkali Based Solution

Alkali based solutions are ideal for cleaning kitchen appliances. They clean windows grease and oil off without damaging any surface.

16) Ammonia Based Solution

Ammonia based solutions are mostly used for cleaning toilets. However, they are also effective at killing germs and preventing odor buildup.

Simple window cleaning DIY tips:

Window cleaning is a chore that needs to be done regularly.

However, it can be a tedious task if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you want to save yourself some time and effort, here are some simple window cleaning tips that will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

1. Use a squeegee

Squeegees are an essential tool for window cleaners.

They allow you to clean windows without having to use your hands. Damp squeegee and it also allows you to remove dirt and debris from the glass surface.

2. Clean the outside first

When cleaning windows, start at the bottom and work your way up. The reason for this is because the dirt tends to accumulate towards the bottom of the window track.

This makes it easier to reach when using a ladder.

3. Start with the corners

It may seem like common sense but starting with the corners means less dust gets into the air.

You should always begin cleaning near the top left corner of the window frame.

4. Don’t forget about the sides

Windows tend to collect more dirt than other surfaces such as walls and floors.

Therefore, make sure you take extra care when cleaning these areas.

5. Keep things organized

If you find yourself struggling to remember where everything goes while cleaning window sills, then try keeping all tools together.

Also, consider organizing them according to their purpose so that you won’t waste time looking for something specific.

6. Make sure there’s enough light

You need adequate lighting during window cleaning.

Otherwise, you might end up spending too much time trying to see what you’re doing.

7. Wear safety gear

Safety goggles and gloves come in handy when working around chemicals.

These items protect your eyes and skin from getting damaged.

8. Be careful not to scratch the glass

Scratching the glass could lead to permanent damage.

Always wear protective eyewear and rubber gloves when handling abrasive materials.

9. Take breaks

Cleaning windows takes a lot of energy and concentration.

Taking regular breaks helps prevent fatigue and stress.

10. Wash windows twice

Wash windows once before applying the solution and again after rinsing.

Doing this ensures that no residue remains on the glass.


Window washing is an important task which requires proper planning and execution.

If done properly it will help you save money and time.

So make sure you follow all the steps mentioned above carefully so that you get maximum results without wasting much effort. 

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